10,000 years ago, a gorilla ate a space banana and became an immortal conjurer. 

9997 years later, he decided to start a death metal band.

"The riffs are highly contagious, and that crunchy, sludgy, radioactively vibrating guitar tone seems potent enough to liquefy internal organs over time" - No Clean Singing

Gorilla Wizard is big groovy sludge metal formed in New York in 2018 featuring members of Kaiju Daisenso and Favoritje. The band members follow the follies of their lead guitarist and song writer, Bertrum, as he enchants audiences with fantastic tales and big groovy riffs from his magical cauldron. Taking grooves from bands like Orange Goblin and sonic intensity from bands like Bongripper, Gorilla Wizard deliver humongous melodies and serious sonic weight. 

In 2019, Gorilla Wizard released the now cult classic debut album Tales From The Cauldron. Following the success of the record, the video for the single 'Maple Crunch' went on to be featured in numerous film festivals - including the 2021 Portland Film Festival - where the band recorded the live performance Totally Live at the Portland Film Festival. The release of the single 'Infinite Wave' marked another success, as the track was Gimme Metal and Metal Injections "Track of the Week" the week of release. 

Now the shaggy squadron is conquering again with the release of the thunderous White Knuckle/Black Magic - the long awaited follow-up to Tales From the Cauldron. Get your bananas ready, because Gorilla Wizard shows no signs of slowing down.

Gorilla Wizard is:

Bertrum - Guitars

Gaben - Vocals

Mikal - Drums

Ry - Bass